Mall of India: The one-stop food zone drawing Delhiites to NCR


Noida has long been synonymous with Great India Place. The massive shopping plaza at Noida Sector 18 has been a signature place for Noida residents to laze around, and even for Delhiites to make their occasional way down to NCR, be it for apparel and clothing at discounted rates, or the multiple eating joints that the mall boasts of.

Understandably, when DLF opened the Mall of India literally next doors, everyone took notice. Not just mall goers, but lifestyle brands, spas and eateries alike. The DLF Mall of India still has a number of joints that are yet to be inaugurated, but that has not stopped enthusiastic shoppers and food enthusiasts alike to flock to the mall, practically all around the week. Undeniably, the sprawling complex does not owe its large footfall numbers only to the number of luxury lifestyle brands (Clarks, Pall Mall, etc.), but also the extensive variety of eateries that have opened up even beyond the sumptuous food court.

You would, though, be hard pressed to find your one hour of peace at the Food Court, which remains forever alive to the sound of cluttering forks and the delightfully exhausted chatter of the latest collection at Zara and H&M. What the DLF Mall of India offers is an equally extensive and interesting array of restaurants bringing a variety of international cuisines, delectable in every true sense of the word. You can choose from North Indian, barbecue, continental, burgers, Chinese, bakeries and even Italian, meaning that there is always something for everyone.

Here’s to a comprehensive guide to the best restaurants to dine in, when you’re done picking your shopping bags at DLF: Mall of India!


Note: None of these restaurants have acquired a liquor licence till now. Hence, no alcohol is served at any of the places.

Veggie Quasadillas


A quintessential favourite, Chili’s brings with itself the promise of tried and tested dishes that have been classic favourites for a while now. Take for instance the bacon and cheddar steak (with mashed potatoes, gravy and broccoli), the veggie and cheese quesadillas, cottage cheese fajitas and the Southwestern burger, and you have some of the best American favourites right in front of you! Also, try out the in-house bottomless lemonade – an essential cooler, and that too, for as many times as you want.

Noteworthy accompaniment: Smoky ranch dip, which goes particularly well with quesadillas and mashed potatoes.

Cost for two: Rs. 2,200 (with tax)

Berry Pulao
Kanda Bhajji



 Seldom do you come across a restaurant so individualistic that you feel like giving it a try irrespective of the cuisine. Sodabottleopenerwala is particularly relatable if you have ever lived in South Bombay (calling the place Mumbai somewhat robs it of its charm) for a while. The restaurant brings back some of the regular favourites from Mumbai: Kanda Bhaji (onion rings), Breach Candy Okra (deep fried okra with spices), Keema pav, Vada pav, bun maska (of course), and of course, berry pulao. Straight from the blatantly bawa decor, the Bollywood music and the overall joyous ambience of the place, Sodabottleopenerwala is a sheer delight for everyone (and especially for anyone from Mumbai).

USP: Berry Pulao. Period.

Cost for two: Rs. 1,300 (with tax)


Veg Tandoori 9 Jewel

Carl’s Jr.

When someone makes burgers for 75 years and is widely loved for doing so, you know there is very little they can get wrong. Carl’s Jr., the California-based chain of charbroiled burgers, is one of the glorious eating joints in DLF: Mall of India. Gorge on the Super Star burger with cheese, which comes with two patties of charbroiled chicken, or join the Mile High club if you wish for a single chicken patty with hand-braided onion rings on top. For vegetarians, the Tandoori 9-Jewel burger is one of the juiciest burgers that you can ever have. Bottomless, serve-yourself drinks make the deal even sweeter.

Lip-smacking ending: The Chocolate Cake is the sweetest way to top your burgers and fries.

Cost for two: Rs. 900 (with tax)


Palak Paneer, Missi Roti, Raita and Vegetable Biryani

Punjabi by Nature: Quickie

The food is so delicious and heavy that you’ll barely feel the need for a mid-luncheon conversation. Kick off with dahi kebab and/or galouti kebab, move on to chicken biryani, lachedar paranthas and Lahori paneer masala, and conclude with phirni and/or gulab jamun. You can also consider the ‘Express Meals’ that PBNQ features: you get daal, naan, rice, gulab jamun, salad, papad and raita as constants in all the four meals, along with four combinations of kebabs and main courses. It is nearly impossible to finish what you ask for, and even harder to not ask for what you see!

Do not miss: A selfie with the incredible writing on the restaurant’s wall: I’m in the mood for a quickie. You’ll regret if you miss it.

Cost for two: Rs. 1,500 (with tax)


These are only the four highlights of what you get in DLF: Mall of India, beyond which lies the likes of Pirates of Grill (with a particularly extensive range of options on the menu), Café Delhi Heights, UCH Rewind, Swagath and opening soon, the one and only, The Big Chill Café!

Happy eating, fellow lovers of food!


P.S. Try hitting the mall in one of the weekdays. You might end up in long waiting queues over the weekends.

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