Flu Season Is Here & Here Are Some Home Remedies For You


Every couple of months, we fall prey to a host of infections in the air and invariably end up on strong antibiotics to battle our way back to health. The next time you’re dealing with a fever, a sore throat, a cold that makes you wish you’d never been born and a cough that makes it impossible for you to get your beauty sleep, skip making a visit to the doc in favour of these natural remedies instead.

For A Cold

There’s nothing worse than the common cold. It drains you of all your energy and leaves you feeling like something the cat dragged home. The next time you’re afflicted with a runny nose, garlic is your go-to guy. Take a clove or two of fresh, raw garlic and crush it or cut it into thin slivers—if you have the stomach, just chomp down on a clove—garlic produces a powerful antibacterial shortly after it is crushed, and before it is cooked or heated.

Eat it in this state and you’ll immediately feel the respite as it works its magic. We recommend eating a crushed clove every four hours until your cold subsides.

For A Cough

Place half an onion in a jar, and submerge it in about six-eight tablespoons of honey. Let this mixture rest for about six hours. Have one tablespoon thrice a day and watch that cough disappear. It sounds worse than it really is, and you’ll feel the difference on the very first day.


For A Congested Chest

This is one home remedy we can swear by and it works like a charm every single time! Add a dash (about a cap full) of eucalyptus oil to a boiling pot of water (just turn off the flame and do it right over the stove), cover your head with a large towel and hold it over the steaming pot and inhale the wafts of steam for as long as you can bear it. The anti-bacterial properties in eucalyptus will instantly clear up the congestion in your chest and you’ll be able to see a marked difference in your breathing after just one sitting.


Other than these tried-and-tested methods, here are a few pointers you should keep in mind when you’re feeling under the weather. Keeping your system hydrated is the best thing you can do; drink at least four litres of water in a day.

A teaspoon of honey with cinnamon powder in the mornings tastes great and is a good way to keep the flu at bay. Apple cider vinegar might be better known for its weight-loosing benefits, but it’s also a wonder ingredient for keeping healthy. When the flu is in the air, drink a glass of warm water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and alternatively gargle with the same concoction – you’ll sail through flu season without a hitch!

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