Recipe: Veg Hakka Noodles


Basically a vegetable noodles recipe prepared in Hakka cusine style. It is a popular street food of india and is usually served as starters or even for main course.

Hakka noodles recipe | veg Hakka noodles recipe | vegetable noodles with step by step photo and video recipe. Primarily, Hakka noodles is very similar to veg noodles recipe. However, in india, more popularly known as Hakka veg noodles. Hakka cuisine is actually an indian adaptation of original taiwanese Hakka dishes. It has evolved to be one of the popular indian street foods. Especially with Indo-Chinese recipes thriving in india. Hakka noodles and schezwan noodles have easily marked its presence.

There is a subtle difference between normal noodles recipe and veg Hakka noodles recipe. firstly, the main difference between those two is the style of preparations. Basically, this recipe is toss fried recipe wheres as noodles are stir fried recipe. Secondly, Hakka noodles is prepared using the thin rice noodles whereas noodles recipe can be prepared with any type of noodles. Lastly Hakka noodles are more spicier compared to the plain noodles recipe. Hakka cuisine is uniquely identified for its spicy recipes it has to offer.

Furthermore, I would like to highlight few tips and tricks for great Hakka noodles recipe. firstly, always prepare the noodles or any Indo-Chinese recipe on high flame. However, do not over cook the vegetables and try to keep its crunchiness. Secondly, if possible use single handled fry pan or wok for this recipe. With the single handle you can easily toss the noodles and veggies on a high flame. Unfortunately, I did not have it and I had to prepare it with my normal pan. Lastly, noodles is open ended recipe. it can be cooked according to the spice level required and with the choice of vegetables.


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