Top Instagrammers Who Celebrate The Joy Of Food With Every Frame

instagram-1581266_960_720Instagram is a wonderful, vibrant world of colours and seeing the world through the lenses of others. For us food bloggers, a part of our happiness revolves around showing you all the best of eateries in the best possible light – something that induces the love for food and wanderlust in our minds.

On this note, we look at four Instagrammers who ace the best of food photography. We salute the excellence of photography and food, and the work they have been doing. Here goes!


Curated and owned by Uma Raghuraman, @masterchefmom is a wonderful ode to the super-cooks of all of our lives – mothers. @masterchefmom presents food in a familiar, friendly way that appeals to palates varied in nature. You come across the everyday fare in a quaint form, and neat presentation makes the wonderfully prepared everyday dishes look particularly fabulous! With over 26,000 followers, @masterchefmom is on the rise with a wonderful display of food photography and aesthetics. 



This is a more diverse display of food, ranging from the classic English breakfast, staple Indian dinners and a delectable fare of global cuisines. The display of food is so colourful that it will urge you to go out and try out varying genres of food. Follow her, and you will come across such an eclectic variety of dishes that you’ll immediately wish to go out and grab a bite. Monika Manchanda presently has over 7,000 followers, and looking at how she has been progressing, sky is the limit.


Meena Chauhan’s Instagram profile is not one that you would have really spotted. She only has about 60 followers, but going by her fabulous cooking and presentation, deserves to be noticed. Meena’s cooking ranges from home-prepared Medu Vadas to Tiramisu, and the variety of food ranges from a wide variety of Indian cuisines. Follow her, and you will see how awesome food can be made and prepared from the comfort and convenience of home.


A venture by Vibhor Gauba, @the_foodies_journal takes you through the best of street food and fine dining across Delhi and Mumbai. From gulaab jamun and laddoo to smoked barbecue potato skin and almond cake with vanilla ice cream, you get the best of every platter over here. Vibhor now has over 8,000 followers, and is growing ever so steadily. The diversity of the account adds to the wow factor as well.


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