Dominos Quattro Formaggi Crust Pizza: Here’s What We Think Of It!

Farmhouse Pizza In Quattro Formaggi Burst Crust

If you’re a devoted foodie then you must’ve surely come across the advertisements for Dominos Pizza‘s new and much awaited launch of the Quattro Formaggi Crust Pizza.

Today we decided to try out this new product and see what the hype is all about. So here’s a our take on the newly launched four-cheese pizza by Dominos.

Whilst we sat and made plans for the upcoming weekend and discussed how demonetisation has left us with limited options of which eatery to order from and who’ll accept online orders and payments, a friend quipped and mentioned how Dominos has been accepting online orders since the last few years and how easy it is to place and track your order on their site.

15303839_10154599094371183_449207873_oSo there we were, after having decided that Dominos it is for tonight’s relaxed evening at home. Pizza and a good movie can never go wrong, can they?

We narrowed it down to the Quattro Formaggi Pizza, because there is nothing in this world called ‘too much cheese‘, nope. NOPE.

Once it arrived, and we opened the box of happiness and boy! it was a sight to behold.

Now, one cannot do injustice with a work of art, and hence we treated it like one and ate in this order:

  1. Behold and appreciate the beauty
  2. Carefully grab a slice
  3. Take a bite and taste those multiple layers of cheese melting in your mouth
  4. Thank the Gods of Pizza
  5. Repeat

Once we had successfully followed these steps, we went on to discuss what we thought of the pizza and here it is:

  • It is full of cheese, when we say that, we mean it is really really really full of cheese!
  • They’ve used a combination of Gouda, Ricotta, Mozzarella and Cheddar to give the usual Cheese Burst a unique twist
  • You can taste the four different cheeses with every bite

Final Take: This might be a little too much of cheese for those who like it in moderation but can be a blissful experience who love the extra cheese. It is a great effort by Dominos to please their customers! 


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