Organic Kitchen Garden Veggies That Save Grocery Expenses!


EatTreat shows us how growing vegetables at home and creating your personal organic kitchen garden is the best way to ensure purity, reduce living costs and be more responsible towards the environment. Sure, growing the everyday vegetables requires a large space, so instead of growing onions which you need for almost every dish, opt for things you need in limited quantities.


We love micro-greens! This edible vegetable confetti can sass up any plate. Choose the seeds of your choice, we recommend broccoli, cabbage and chia seeds. Order organic seeds and follow instruction as per the packet. Remember, micro-greens is just a variety of edible immature greens harvested with scissors less than a month after germination. They need about 4 hours of sunlight daily to sprout.

Red Chilli Peppers 

Choose a chilli pepper of your choice and deseed this fresh pepper. Prepare this seed for growing by drying them completely under the sun. In a peat pot, sow about 2-3 seeds with enough space between each other. Use fine vermiculite or seed compost while sowing and water the medium generously. Keep the pots in good sunlight for healthy growth and continue watering as per need.


organic kitchen

Use organic lemons while growing a lemon tree at home and in your organic kitchen. Non-organic lemons often contain non-germinating seeds. Water the soil before sowing seeds in the chosen container/pot, cut open the lemon and remove the seeds, immediately sow them to avoid drying out. Water again once the seeds are sown. Place in ample sunlight and the seeds will sprout over the next two weeks. You will soon have your own lemon tree at home!


We often scout the marketplace for fresh herbs. An important part of our various meals whether it’s pasta or baked chicken, herbs are best grown at home specially since they can easily be grown indoors! Get yourselves, chives, dill, mint, coriander, basil or parsley to begin. Once grown, harvest the herbs regularly as it promotes new growth.



Use a fresh pineapple from the market and twist the leaves off from the top. Remove the lower leaves to expose the stem and dry in sunlight for about a week. Soak the crown in water to moisten  ensuring only the stem gets submerged. Place this submerged crown in sunlight and once the roots appear, plant in a pot. It can take years but the flowers will emerge and give you a fresh fruit.


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