Puppies + Cooking = Cuteness Overload

We, as a collective, are perennially in love with pups. The blundering little beauties are always up to fascinating things that have the magical power of lifting your moods, no matter how hard a day you’ve had, or how annoyed you are at your partner for not giving you enough time.

Chef puppies, however, are beyond adorable. Here’s looking at some pups that have donned the chef’s hat, and possibly, cured all our woes in one perfect sweep. Here goes!


Because making food is exhausting, you know!


Lots’a guests in the house, today’s gonna be tiring!


Bring on Gordon Ramsay!


Don’t worry, I got this!


I’d want this as my cover photo!


You needed to make a smaller table, master!


Celebrity chef… Who?


You ain’t seen food the way I have, bwoy!


Ain’t we the best cooks ever?

Still not convinced how pups make for incredible chefs?

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