5 Christmas Gifts You Need To Get For Your Friend Who Loves To Cook!


Christmas is near; we are in full gear; have a shopping load to bear; so let’s all just share! We are excited for the holiday season (as you can see) and if like us you have a shopping spree planned for the family, we are here to make your life simpler. Home chefs love cooking and eating, so EatTreat suggests a few ideas so that they can enjoy a little extra this year (the usual Christmas gifts are just too boring)!

Entremets from Miam 

No holiday season is complete without sweets and desserts. While the plum cake is a regular, impress the chef in your house with a French entremet and they will keep raving about it till next year! Mesmerising to look at and to eat, these cakes are as delicious as it gets. The coconut and kaffir lime is one of our favourites, but the salted caramel and chocolate aren’t far behind. However, Christmas-themed entremets are giving everyone a run for their Christmas gifts.

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Favourite Seasoning Gourmet Gift Box by Sprig 

We love Sprig for everything seasoning and baking! This gourmet box contains some of our most beloved products, including the 6 pepper medley we often use in our mushroom pepper sauce. The chipotle smoked sea salt is great for barbecues, while the sweet paprika will come in handy while making chilli chocolate desserts!

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Weber Grills 

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Go big or get out! Weber covered grills are just amazing and gifting this to a loved one, we can assure they will be more than thankful for it. These grills can change the way you cook and anyone on the receiving end of this gift will agree. They might even arrange a New Year’s barbecue party for you! Cooking, grilling, smoking and baking, you can do it all with these grills. Their portable Weber Q 1000 gas grill is easy to use and carry, making it an extra special gift for the adventure seeking cooks!

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Bakeware from CCDS

The CCDS store located in South Point Mall, Gurgaon is every bakers heaven! Everything from their porcelain measuring cups, serving platters to the holy grail of bakers: Kitchen Aid shelf mixer is absolutely smashing. Hit the shop and scout something your loved ones will like. We recommend everything available at the store (get some gifts for us too while you are here, we love Christmas and baking!).

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Tea Collection by House Of Tea, FoodHall

Give your tea-holic friends a quintessentially winter gift: Tea! Nothing beats a beautifully brewed cup of tea when the fog sets in and the temperature drops. If every morning and evening sees a warm cup of tea in your friend’s hand, then this is just what they need to take their tea obsession to the next level. The 5 o’ Clock hamper is everything a tea lover needs!

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So have you picked up your slew of Christmas gifts yet?

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