Let’s Do Christmas Lunch The Goan Way!


Ah Christmas, that magical time of the year when you can’t help but feel happy. After all, who would want to end up being a Grinch.

As with any other major festival, food obviously plays a big part in the whole proceedings. There have been days where I’ve woken up to the mouth watering aroma of something being prepared in the kitchen. So, join me as I take a nostalgia-filled trip down memory lane and give you a glimpse of a traditional Goan Christmas.

Christmas cake

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Did you really think this spot will be taken by anything else? The cake is a tradition in any Christian household with each family having their unique recipe and preferred baker. While most bake a fruit or a plum cake. My family usually preferred the rum variety (because Goan). The delicious taste of chocolate and rum, combined with the added flavour done fruits and nuts is simply divine.

Ginger ale

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Also known as ginger wine, is usually my mom’s handy work and is made using ginger (what a shocker). When made well, this non-alcoholic drink is mostly sweet with a sharp burning sensation you get with eating ginger. You’re supposed to enjoy it in small doses (like wine), and I liked it so much that my mom usually has to hide the bottles away.


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This one should be familiar to anyone in India. Made using besan (gram flour) this ranks high in my list because it’s so flexible. Mix it with some tomatoes, onion, chillies, and pepper, and you got yourself an instant snack to have with drinks.


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This sweet little thing is a Goan dish that is made using maida (all purpose flour). When it’s cooked right, it has a hard shell with a soft interior. The kneeing of the dough is actually the easy bit. The hard part is getting that ridged design that makes it stand out. Most common way is to use spread a small piece of the dough on the fork and then carefully peel it off.


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To be honest, eggnog isn’t a very big tradition in our household. But I have put it here as it’s usually me who makes it. Made using brandy, milk, eggs and topped off with a pink of cinnamon, this alcoholic drink is thick and delicious. The perfect addition to any Christmas morning.

Wishing you all a merry christmas!

The author of this piece is Shrey Pacheco.

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