Chateau, New Delhi: A Slice of Greece, And More.

Credits: Vernika Awal


Mediterranean, Continental, Coffee and Wine


Adchini, New Delhi (South)


Inspired from a trip to Santorini and a desire to keep the Mediterranean days alive forever, Chateau is Naman and Smriti’s brainchild. Built in striking semblance to the white and blue island of Santorini, Chateau comprises bright, white walls with pristine blue offsets, intriguing wall decor, and warm, bright lighting that perfectly suits the tilingĀ on the floor.

Credits: Vernika Awal

Every bit of the place is well thought out, including the rather ornate washrooms. Tables are well spaced out, and you do not feel as if being intruded upon your private space.

Despite leaving out a lot of space, Chateau can still seat sixty at one go, making the place retain the air of open space of the Mediterranean lands. An outdoor space is also on the cards.

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Much of Chateau’s fare comprises Mediterranean dishes.

Credits: Vernika Awal

Our journey began with the Tuscan tortellini soup with spinach mushroom, and the slightly tangy flavour of the tomato base adds a strong base to the soup. The spicy lime jalapeno chicken soup is also equally strong in flavour, and for many, the flavours of most of the soups may seem a tad too strong and tangy. Pair these with a wide range of tapas – one of the unique dishes at Chateau.

Note: Tapas is essentially a light side dish to appetize the rest of your meal, but themselves are slightly on the heavier side, in terms of palate and flavours. They feel particularly heavy if you pair them with soup, and would otherwise work well with any red wine.

Among the tapas, the eggplant-beetroot cheese tapas was among the lightest, and works wonderfully alongside wine. Of the non-vegetarian tapas that we tried, the involtini of chicken breast is a tad on the heavier side, although you’d like it if you love tangy flavours.

The mains, though, are more wholesome and balanced in flavours, weight and taste. The falafel platter is a must-have for vegetarians, with beautifully prepared pita bread, hummus, Greek yogurt and a brilliant spinach dip. It is refreshingly light in comparison to the falafel platter you’d get elsewhere, and still manages to retain the great balance of flavours about it. There is an extensive set of options for vegetarians, each of which are well-cooked, are tender on the palate, and yet leave strong, lasting flavours after the meal. The same holds true for the non-vegetarian platter as well.

The desserts are a bit too well-balanced, in what is a contrast to the rest of the fare. The lemon cheese pie is beautifully light and subtle, without any emphasis of over-sweetening. It is also very light, with a crunchy cheesecake base that will please purists, and makes for one of the better cheesecakes in town. The churros with chocolate ganache served on the side are a must try too. Crispy on the outside and tender in the insides, dipped in chocolate, it is a perfect and sinful end to a great meal.

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Credits: Vernika Awal

With a good menu, strong middle-Eastern flavours and tender cooking, Chateau is bound to please foodies. The key takeaway for us, though, is how true to its theme this place is, and the wonderful decor and ambience.

Chateau is certainly among the prettiest places right now in New Delhi, and its owners Naman and Smriti would even vouch for them chefs here, and their calibre of whipping up a wonderful cup of coffee. The duo is also hosting sparkling wine weekends, and with such themes, a great menu and a wonderful ambience, Chateau is truly a great experience that you would love to come back to.

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