Review: 1Above, Mumbai

The moment you step out of the elevator and enter the pathway that leads to 1Above, you know you’re in for an enchanting journey. You are literally underneath a pathway with stars all over you, and from that very moment, you begin to fall in love with the ambience that 1Above intends to set for you.


This is a unique place in terms of its food, as rarely does one ever hear of a resto-bar that serves an all-vegetarian fare. However, even non-vegetarian peers did not miss their proteins for the night, as a wide variety of vegetarian options offered here from the global cuisine ensure everyone finds something to like here.

1Above has been opened on a terrace in the Kamala Mills compound, and have nicely segregated the area into VIP seating, private dining, floor seating and bar seating. However, the unique element is how you do not feel left out of the whole experience, no matter where you are seated. Our ‘captain’ for the night was Mr. Mayur, who was courteous and prompt with hospitality and suggestions.

Here’s what we sampled during our stay at 1Above:


Credits: Vernika Awal



  • Back to the village: A watermelon-and-celery based mocktail, refreshingly light and adequately sweet. Do try.
  • Mumbai Masala: Kokum, with a variety of spices. This spells MUMBAI, and feels Mumbai right from the name and to the taste. Loved it!


  • Tomato Bruschetta: The bread was well-toasted and topped with a salsa of tomatoes and cheese. This is a light starter dish, which when paired with red wine, would complete the experience. It is fairly good.
  • Tandoori Kebab Platter: Corn seekh kebab, tandoori broccoli, beetroot kebab, paneer tikka and cheese stuffed potatoes. So much on the plate, and yet, we didn’t feel overfed. Very light, full of flavours and a must-order when you are here. Highly recommended!
  • Dahi Kebab: Very light, and well-seasoned. Usually dahi kebabs tend to break because of the softness, but this one was perfectly crisp on the outside and tender inside.
  • Pepperoni Pizza: This is not the usual pepperoni pizza one is used to, this is called pepperoni because of the bell peppers used for topping! The pizza base is light, the sauce isn’t overpowering and the size is just right for finger food. This is good for two to share, as a starter dish.

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Main course:

  • Pad Thai: Spicy, but done right and not in the extreme. The first bite of these flat noodles in veggies exudes smokiness, and the sauces pack a strong punch. A little too spicy for my palate, but ones who love strong flavours would like this.
  • Green Vegetable Khichdi: Imagine a resto-bar having this on their menu! It is also an interesting strategy as adding comfort food items on the menu allows patrons to warm up to the place immensely well, particularly after a night of binge drinking. We aren’t complaining, and for the very first time, I actually loved ordering and eating khichdi at a bar.
Credits: Vernika Awal


  • Tiramisu: I am not too big on desserts, but this Tiramisu officially has my heart. Not too sweet, not too bitter…just perfect. And you know what? You get to eat it with a chocolate spoon. Now you know what I’m saying!
  • Chocolate Banana Cream Pie: I had already given my heart to the Tiramisu, but this was good too. The crust wasn’t too hard to break and the cream was light, and the flavour of banana in desserts is always welcome.
Credits: Vernika Awal


Overall, I really like the place, and would recommend it to everyone looking for a fun evening with family and friends. 1Above will also be commencing service during lunch hours, soon.

Our special compliments to these people for making it a memorable night.

Owner: Mr Jigar Sanghvi Consultant:

Ms Radhika Manager: Mr Franky

Assistant Manager: Mr Vijay

Chef: Mr Manoj

Captain: Mr Mayur

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