The Best Kept Secret of London: Maltby Street Market

Credits: Rittika Goswami

I’m ashamed to say that despite living in London for the 5th year running now, I only happened across Maltby Street Market thanks to my Italian flatmate who unlike me who likes to lie in on a Saturday actually goes exploring. Everyone who’s lived in London even for the shortest of periods is aware of its more famous neighbour – Borough market. The entrance being right opposite any London Bridge exit. Even the underground signs direct you to the market fairly easily. Maltby Street is further out, you have to reach Tower Bridge road first and go further down crossing Tower Bridge until you come across Maltby Street. You can’t miss the market as the first thing you see will be a huge canopy of world flags and this extends across the entire length of the Market. My flatmate and I were hosting a friend over from Boston and since this was her first time in London, there was no better way than to explore a food market together.

Credits: Vernika Awal

Despite British cuisine’s terribly reputation the world over, the denizens of London love their food. London will bring the entire world to you on a plate. Maltby Street is no exception to that rule. At the entrance you’ll be met by the Gyoza Guys. Most plates are priced at £6 and are generous. I picked up £20 from the ATM and did not intend to spend any more than that for the day. I was starving since it was 11:30 AM already, so picked up a chocolate walnut brownie and a croissant which set me back by £4 in total. Worth it though. I can’t make a good informed decision on an empty stomach and this stops me from just picking up any old thing the minute I come across it. So we scoured the entire length of the market. Each of us opting to try out a different dish. My flatmate opted for Indo-Persian fare – aubergine on flatbread since she’s more on the vegetarian side. I opted for some Southern Fried chicken with maple syrup and waffles. If that sounds weird to those of us on the opposite side of the pond, its normal everyday brunch fare for our American cousins. So our friend informed us.

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She went for waffles too but with a bacon and egg as her chosen supplements. My waffles were the most expensive, setting me back by £7.50 while the others ranged from £5 for a very basic waffles with maple syrup to £6 which included toppings like goats cheese with figs.

London will bring the entire world to you on a plate. Maltby Street is no exception to that rule.

Credits: Rittika Goswami

I don’t need to say it, my meal was delicious, though a bit heavy, I can still feel it and its been 7 hours since I last ate. But there are so many other things I want to try there. My Flatmate and I have decided to make this a weekly or bi-weekly ritual now. Meat lovers obviously have a huge range of options anytime in this part of the world but vegetarians need not fret either. Like all markets Maltby Street also has plenty of veggie delights. From burgers to waffles to even pav bhaji (a staple vegetarian Indian dish from Mumbai). Its definitely cheaper than going out to a restaurant and markets like this let you feel the true essence of London. As we were walking down the market, my flatmate remarked how amazing it was; the cacophony of languages you could hear. My entire food excursion set me back by £11.50. A similar meal would set me back by £20 in a restaurant including tips. There’s plenty of seating in most markets around London as well, sometimes a bit unusual, Maltby has random picnic tables strewn across its length.

All in all, I’m definitely coming back here. I’m also definitely keeping my spin class membership otherwise I’ll develop heart disease in my 20s. Happy munching everyone!


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