Review: Farzi Cafe: Have You Been Farzified Yet?


Kamala Mills in Lower Parel, Mumbai is pretty much turning into a hub for foodies, and Farzi Café is right on cue. After having heard much fanfare about this place, we’ve had Farzi Café on our charts for a while, and finally, we did end up going there.

The founders of Farzi Café are the ones who really made molecular gastronomy famous in the Indian food industry. A fine dine restaurant, Farzi attaches a lot of quirks itself in terms of how the place is, how the food is laid out and the overall ambience. It takes a leaf out of The Masala Library‘s kitchen (a premium fine dining outlet under the same ownership), in its quest to make itself a unique experience.

Farzi Café is unique in more ways than one, and as the name suggests, it has less to do with fraud and more with deception; nothing is what it seems to be. For instance, the candy floss looks like a regular cotton ball, but when you eat, it is actually paan without the betel leaves. Delicious!

As the name suggests, it has less to do with fraud and more with deception; nothing is what it seems to be

By now, you would probably have had a fair clue of how our Sunday brunch went by. There is a sense of anticipation about the food here, and you won’t be blamed for expecting something out of the usual with every dish served. The menu is plentiful, too, and there is a lot of attention given to fine bits like intricate crockery, precision serving of food portions, and more! The ambience is set well, with the place being dimly lit, and the aroma makes you feel content and fuzzy (read: Farzi) here. You’d definitely want to take your loved one out for a fun dinner here, and believe us, the decision will not go bad.

The food, the star attraction of this show, only takes the experience a notch higher. We tried their new vegetarian menu, and particularly loved the cheese stuffed chillies, mozzarella sticks and mushroom khurchan kulcha in the appetisers.

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The paneer makhani, served with lachcha paranthas, is a must have. The Bisi belle bhaat (one for fans of South Indian fares) and the mushroom biryani are done to perfection, adding subtly strong flavours that make the dishes well defined, but not over the top. While the dhaniya naan itself was good, the vegetables served alongside were rather bland, serving as a rather surprising bleak spot in an otherwise stellar fare.

17203550_10154893921906183_493644030_nOur meal ended with Malai Ghewar with seasonal fruits, and boy, aren’t we taken!

If there were any doubts to us loving what Farzi Café serves, this completely convinced us. Filled with fun bits in the menu and all over the place, Farzi Café is a great culinary experience that certainly does well to spice up Mumbai’s food scene (see what we did there?) This is a place you wouldn’t want to miss, be it for the décor, the food itself, or the experience as a whole!

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