Brewing Health And Happiness: Gardner Street Teas

I, like most Indians have enjoyed my cup of tea more than coffee, always. The first thing in the morning after I wake up, is to brew a perfect up of strong tea for myself, and then go about my chores planned for the day. Now see, the thing about tea is, that it is the elixir of life…at least for me. I don’t remember the last time I refused someone’s offer for tea! Famous Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky said, “I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea,” and I say, “amen.”

So when I picked up these little boxes of varieties of tea from Gardner Street , in Mumbai, I couldn’t wait to get home, brew what’s inside them and lounge in my favourite corner of the room with a book in hand.

Credits: Vernika Awal

As most of you who follow my blog must have read in my earlier posts about our Indian habits of drinking chai – milky and sweetened. Now, off late the trend has been changing and people are opening up to green tea, Oolong tea and herbal teas, but even then, they’re consumer in the most basic form.

Rashi Sanghvi, founder of Gardner Street is trying to introduce a change in the way we consume our tea by experimenting with infinite flavour combinations of tea. She’s been picking up the nitty-gritties of the tea flavourings through her travels in the chill of Boston and the spice markets of Turkey. She realised that India had very little knowledge of the variations of tea on offer, and took it upon herself to show the world’s second largest producer of tea how it could be enjoyed in new and flavourful ways. She established Gardner Street as a brand that experiments with fruits, flowers, herbs and high quality tea leaves to create an irresistible, healthy beverage that can be cherished at more than just the breakfast table.

Credits: Vernika Awal


The flavours which I bought were – Moroccan mint, glow and detox. Out of which my favourite turned out to be glow. Why? Well, firstly it really clears the toxins from your body and clears the skin and gives it a very visible glow, if consumed continuously. Secondly, the moment you open the box, it exudes an amazing fruity smell and when you brew that tea bag in hot water, the smell is retained and so is the flavour. I’d recommend this to anyone who is looking for clearer and healthier skin.

Even the detox tea is quite nice with a ginger and spice flavour. The Moroccan Mint is good for all those who like the strong minty flavours, but as I am not too fond of mint in general, I stuck to the other two.

Credits: Vernika Awal 

The other thing I liked about their product were the tea bags itself. Unlike regular paper teabags, their silken sachets have a unique pyramid shape. The material does not contain any bleach and hence the sachets do not release any unwanted chemicals into the tea. Moreover, regular teabags are opaque and hide the low quality ingredients within. So it is a complete win-win situation here!

I strongly recommend Gardner Street to everyone reading this.


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