1st Anniversary Special: Herbivore, A Vegetarian’s Delight

One may often think that despite all the fanciful menus meticulously describing the innovative dishes at a restaurant, there is simply lesser interest and excitement in store for vegetarians. Most of the vegetarian options fall back on paneer and the beloved aloo to gain the diner’s trust, and while we have never expressed any form of disdain about them, it really is time that we learnt to look beyond the easy obvious.

Enter, Chef Bela Gupta

There’s a look of affirmative confidence on Chef Bela Gupta‘s face as she speaks of Herbivore, her brainchild. She used her decades of experience in the retail industry to travel far and wide, and the love for food persisted strongly enough for her to have scribed nearly 3,000 off the hook recipes from no single point.

This gave her a vantage point to host parties, where she would lay out an exhaustive, exotic spread to her much impressed guests. Each of these dishes would come with her own personal touch that would add to the flavours and uniqueness. This led to the beginning of a sauces and dips business back in 2009, and shortly after its success, was when Chef Gupta had the idea of Herbivore.

What Is Herbivore?


noun: herbivore; plural noun: herbivores 

an animal that feeds on plants.]

Moving beyond the confines of the dictionary, Herbivore celebrates the universality of the vegetarian dishes by bringing together a lot of elements from cuisines across India and the rest of the world. It is a catering and home delivery business that has a strong variety in terms of the core elements of a vegetarian dish, its spices and its flavours. Herbivore serves its dishes with a flourish, and brings with itself a 30-day no repeat policy for the discerning eater.

Fuelled by Chef Gupta’s passion for going the extra mile and adding a special touch to the dishes, Herbivore is out to change the perception beyond the limits and boundaries that vegetarian dishes are conceived with. Based in Mumbai, Herbivore’s core notion is to change the city’s thriving foodscape in terms of what a vegetarian can expect from his or her meal.

Credits: Herbivore 

The Specialities

While they claim to not pick favourites, Herbivore states that it has over 900 different dishes in its kitchen – a feat in itself. From the seemingly vast range, Herbivore picks out an interesting variety of dishes that vary by flavours and cuisines.

The specialities include Amritsari Hummus (a homage to the Chhole Bhature found in the famous Khau Galli of Amritsar), the Mexican Burrito Bowl (complete with strong, bold flavours and a vibrant collision of veggies), the Japanese Shoyu Ramen (inspired by the classic Japanese noodles), and the Burmese Khowsuey (glass noodles, fresh vegetables and creamy coconut curry). These, of course, form only the tip of the iceberg, and only when you truly start digging into the courses that you would have enough scope to pick your own favourites from here.

Why Herbivore?

It is not emphatic enough when we say that eating healthy has hosts of benefits, and the impact that pruning your everyday meal around the freshness of well-cooked vegetables can be momentous.

But that is not where it stops. If you were arranging for your next party and have been scratching your head at the mundane choice of the menu for vegetarian courses, Herbivore is where you must head to. The catering division brings a range of over 500 dishes as options, and also has desserts and drinks to go with. You can tailor your menu to just the right choices for your invitees and yourself, and take Chef Gupta’s consultation along the way to get a resplendent choice of dishes that you may not have thought possible before, in Mumbai.

The Vegetarian Paradise

Herbivore is out to alter the stereotypes of aloo and paneer have set for so long, and bring much required freshness and innovation to the table. As the company turns one, Chef Gupta promises to continue her endeavours behind making Herbivore an even more versatile place to count on.

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Happy eating, fellow vegetarians!

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