Holiday Inn: Staycation – The New Vacation!

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Staycations are a particularly alluring concept, especially of late, because of how our lifestyles are. For the most part, we remain busy with our professional life, and devote the rest of the time to family. It is because of this that local staycations are becoming an increasing trend. With staycations, one does not need to travel far to get the essence of a holiday. Instead, heading to one of the best hotels in the city can help you get all the luxury and unwinding services that you could have hoped for.

A few backs I decided to take a break from the monotony and checked in at Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport. Merely a 10 minutes drive from my workplace and also from the airport (for those travelling from outside Mumbai). To say that it was an impulsive decision would be wrong, since the fact is that I had been planning for this me-time, for quite some time now.

About The Hotel: 

As one of Mumbai’s premier business hotel, the Holiday Inn enjoys a prime location (Andheri East)  in the commercial hub of north Mumbai, just 1.2 kms from the international airport and barely 5 kms from the domestic terminus. The hotel offers extensive banqueting facilities designed to host formal meetings, private luncheons or celebratory events, all complemented by their staffs impeccable, unobtrusive service.

About The Rooms:

IMG_8817The rooms are chic and cozy with a french window that opens to glittering Mumbai lights. Perfect for business travellers, the room is equipped with state of the art facilities like study table, charging ports, comfortable sofa to host your guests and of course, the soft bed for that perfect night’s sleep. In addition to this, the restroom with that deep bathtub where you can immerse yourself and ease out of your stress, is a complete win-win!


Tattva Spa:

A spa that provided you a complete experience with rich mystic fusion of the ancient Indian philosophy with the latest contemporary wellness methods. I booked an appointment for myself at the spa for the same date that I had checked-in on, and boy was I glad for that decision!

PS: A detailed post on the spa to follow

Saptami – All Day Dining: 

The spa session was followed by a great dinner at Saptami – the contemporary multi-cuisine all day dining restaurant with floor-to-ceiling glass walls that allow dining amidst natural light. A spread that is clearly one of the best in the city with meals that touch the heart. From the creamy pasta, the burgers, kebabs to the humble dal-rice, everything was perfection on the plate, made to suit the flavour palate of individual guests.

The breakfast that followed the next day was at Saptami too and it being a Sunday, the spread was lavish and overwhelming. Breakfasts are my favourite meal in any hotel, as they not only set tone for the rest of the day, but also you can witness and taste the best of the chef’s skills and love for food. The intricacy with which a simple egg has to be made to order, to that perfectly balanced and light poha, that indulging poori bhaaji and buttery parathas or the flaky and soft croissants. It’s like sitting in a theatre and watching a drama build and unfold.

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The hotel also houses ballrooms for functions and conferences and a swimming pool on the terrace where one can unwind.  

Vernika Awal of Delectable Reveries

The hotel staff was extremely helpful and available round the clock to ensure that their guests are comfortable. What I loved the most was how beneath every staff member’s name tag their hobby was listed too, making it easier to strike a conversation. Kudos for that attention to detail!

If you’re looking for a quick getaway and break from the daily hustle, but cannot afford to leave the city, I’d recommend that you check-in at Holiday Inn and do yourself that favour!

Take a video tour: 


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