Unkempt : A Tale Of A Restless Mind

– By Vernika Awal

We spend a large part of our lives chasing myths. Not fairies, angels or demons – those come later. We chase everyday myths – of shaping ourselves up, of having “our” people, of preconceived answers to the great hows and whys.

The truth is, we do not really know a particular thing until we live it; we only think we do. What we think we know are our dreams, flashes that like a filmstrip makes us see moments that we believe we’re entitled to live. These are the dreams that make us breathe, that take us places. It is in these very places that, every once in awhile, we’re beckoned to take a moment off and think – where are we, really?

The synchronous cacophony of tweets and responses will almost instantly have you believe that it’s just a solitary “bad day”. There’s nothing wrong, really, “it’s just one of those days when things do not seem to go your way.”

Sure, but why?

Our lives, especially the fast-paced, young, urban lives that we seem to lead, hang on a precarious balance. We have “our bunch of people”, our set lifestyles where we compulsively crave for a needlessly expensive chocolate crepe, our ways of travelling, everything. Somehow, it almost feels that we as a generation are determined to break out of the shackles of the mediocrity of an average life that now seems un-liveable.

There are no answers, there are no debates, no questions either. We do what we believe are entitled to. We work to earn luxuries, live to get the fleeting edge that keeps us happy for the moment. That is completely justified and even thoroughly enjoyable… except for that one day, when things do not go our way. Our people are either busy or elsewhere, our work throws the odd bad day at us, and all of it somehow always happen at the same time.

It’s not “just one of those days”, it is a reminder of how the weather goes bad every now and then. It’s probably just that we haven’t been adapted to deal with bad weathers. We are the luxury car of humankind’s existence, which is meant for straight roads, an open hood and the prairie wind. Our wipers are not used often enough, and we live on a prayer that we do not ever need them. It is probably this that leads us to think that we’ll be fine, and right on cue, the one day on the underside of the tunnel hits hard.

In the end, we’ll all be fine. After all, we were made to chase the dreams that were too far for our parents. We are the enigmatic bunch that is hard-bent to go places, and why won’t we?

We will reach there, but we’ll probably never truly learn how to completely walk alone.

Image credit: Vernika Awal

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