Café Delhi Heights: Of Great Food And Nostalgia

I first visited Café Delhi Heights in Noida, back in 2016. More than a year later, when I heard that it is now here in Lower Parel in Mumbai, I instantly made a Friday night dinner plan. Friday nights are always a bit special (yay weekend!), but little did I know that this one would be one of the best dining experiences I’ve had in a long, long time.

Settling Down

Right by the inside lanes of Kamala Mills, Café Delhi Heights brings with itself the same theme it has in its other outlets – a chic vibrant dining space. You have personal cubicles with quaint curtains, although you’d certainly need to make a pre-reservation if you want to catch one of these romantic dining spots, particularly on Fridays and weekends.

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We were then greeted by the absolutely delightful staff. Thomson attended to us for the night, and Raj is the manager of the outlet. I’ve always maintained that every dining experience changes completely with amiability and hospitality. Here, not only were we well tended for, my friend almost even complained once for being too pampered. That is the difference that a smiling face makes, and that cannot be quantified by anything.

The Food

Every good meal, I believe, begins with strong, filling soup. Hence, so did ours. We opted for minestrone and forest mushroom soups, having added shredded chicken to the latter. The minestrone soup is loaded with pasta, and you can really feel the freshness of the tomato base. It may, however, be slightly too tangy for your taste buds. The forest mushroom soup is a quintessential continental soup, with light cream and chicken giving it a wholesome flavour, all the while not being too filling.

If you’re in the mood for healthy dining, Café Delhi Heights has all the right ingredients to become your most-frequented healthy dining joint. For juices, the apple-beetroot-carrot juice is the perfect palate starter. The restaurant aptly calls it ‘The ABC Story’, and you would seldom come across anything healthier than this. For added taste, we’d recommend you ask your server for salt. At the same time, we sampled the Maftoul salad – made with quinoa, couscous, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, sultana, pomegranate and feta cheese. This is not just healthy, but has an impressive balance of flavours. Neither of us are obsessed with healthy eating here, but we still happily lapped up the entire salad. The other drinks we sampled alongside were peachy & cherry ice tea and orange lemonade – both perfectly whipped, and with the potential to be staple drinks to order. As a pleasant surprise, the orange lemonade was not too tangy, and had the perfect balance of sweetness and sharp tangerine.

img_2438For light appetisers, we opted for bun tiki chaat – a Delhi favourite, and Asparagus and Salmon sushi rolls. While the bun tiki chaat is aptly flavoursome, what truly stands out are the sushi – perfectly rendered and beautifully balanced in terms of the flavours, even we (who never prefer sushi too much) could not help but love it!

img_2441Upon Thomson’s insistence, I even went for an interlude with the gigantic and imposing Delhi burger. The potato patty was rightly cooked, and the massive bun means this burger itself is good enough as a stand-alone meal.


Then came the final course – the mains. Amazingly, while we felt quite full, most of the cooking was so impeccable that there was not even a hint of feeling stuffed. Thomson himself chose our mains – buttered paneer tikka masala and Rajasthani laal maas. Both complete meals, the buttered paneer platter comes complete with laccha parantha, jalapeño biryani, mint chutney and caper raita, while the laal maas platter comes with bajra roti, ghee and masala chhaas. We certainly could not finish our portions, but for the entire time that we ate, we did so without a single attempt at conversing with each other. At the end, we both simply nodded at how incredibly good all of it were.

The dessert platter was served with marshmallows, tiramisu, chocolate mousse cake, date and walnut chocolate brownie, vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce, and the winter-special plum cake. If it was even possible to better the entire dining experience, pairing masala chai to the entire set of desserts actually did.

Impeccable Service

Mr. Thomson (L) & Mr. Raj (R)

Right from the hospitality, to getting the food absolutely right, Café Delhi Heights left us impressed no end. The ambiance here is bright, and with the ‘90s-style seating arrangement, makes for a restaurant that would love to come back to, over and over.

We ended our evening with a special shout out to Thomson and Raj, for making the entire dining experience a special one.


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