Breakfast Tales And More!

The one meal which is my absolute favourite, is breakfast. Those who follow me on Instagram would know how seriously I take the first meal of the day and most of the times it is the only meal that makes me want to take off that blanket of laziness and whip up a mean meal for myself and others.

Just recently I met someone who complimented me on my breakfast posts and I realised that the one thing most people always remember me for is those first meals of the day. But here’s the thing, my meals aren’t elaborate or gourmet, in fact, they are rather simple everyday home meals that are simple to prepare and provide the same comfort as a warm quilt on a wintry day…for me, food is always about comfort and love.

I also quite enjoy the concept of all day breakfast, because if it is comfort, then it should be available all day long! Who made the rule of what’s to be had at what time of the day, eh? A few places I’d recommend in Mumbai for breakfast are Social, Bombay Coffee House, Dakshinayan, Prithvi Cafe, Candies, and of course, the roadside idli-vada guys, the aunties who sell poha, upma and sheera.

Fatema and I in search of breakfast? 🙂

While we were in college, my friend Fatema and I used to scout in and around Colaba and many a morning were spent in search for the best roadside stalls that serve breakfast that fits the budgets of a college student, satiates them and is tasty. The friendship and appetite grew together, and now missed are those simpler times. My fondness for this meal is such, that I might be the only one in the history of St.Xavier’s Mumbai who has had breakfast at Sunlight – a popular watering hole amongst the students of the institute! But hey guys, that bread omelette there is to die for, trust me! 😉

Here’s a glimpse at what breakfast is like on most days:

My most favourite – kanda poha and chai!
Rava Upma with Vegetables and Peanuts
Idli with Molgapodi and Chutney
The breakfast tray at Social
Bombay Sandwich with Kokum Cooler, at home
Multigrain cheese and veggies sandwich, at home

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  1. anindya0909 says:

    What is a Molgapodam? Come to Kolkata – we will go for a breakfast trail. As a non vegetarian person, eggs are mandatory for me in breakfast

    1. Molgapodi is a dry chutney made of lentils in South India. I am vegetarian, but I do love eggs 🙂

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