‘Kadaloram’ at ITC Maratha, Mumbai

A few nights back, Chef Praveen Anand of ITC Hotels took a few of us on a culinary tour of Jaffna, Kayalpatnam and Pondicherry at the Kadaloram festival being held in ITC Hotel, The Maratha, Mumbai.

Kadaloram means “of the coast” and the festival focuses on these three regions of the Tamil Nadu coast and of Jaffna from northern Sri Lanka, which has more Tamil influence in its food than Sri Lankan. “Travelling and researching always adds to a person’s skills, be it as a chef, writer or any profession,”  Chef Anand stated. Through his travels and research of the South Indian part of the country and beyond its boundaries, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge that translates into the dishes he cooks in the ITC kitchen.

Presenting to you Kadaloram through a picture story:

The attention to details:





The Food of Kadaloram:

If you plan to try this festival out, then do it not just for the food, but you should attend this festival to soak in the knowledge of the Chef, who has done thorough research and takes you on an anecdotal tour of the cuisine.

The festival is on at ITC Maratha, Mumbai till November 24th 2018. 

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One thought on “‘Kadaloram’ at ITC Maratha, Mumbai

  1. Wow, great experience 👌👌
    Na sirf khana, presentation, pots bhi kitne khubsurat hain 😍😍
    Aur idea behind this festival is too good
    Mujhe bhi aise festivals bahut acche lagtey hain, bahut kuch naya dekhne aur sikhne ko milta hai 😊

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