What Is Delectable Punjab?

The Delectable Punjab Winter Meal

What started as an unconscious self discovery and going back to my roots, is today a full blown project by the name of Delectable Punjab. A short Instagram series under which I showcase the vegetarian cuisine of the state, along with stories and fables that we’ve grown up listening to. Sounds pretty straight forward, doesn’t it? But what I didn’t realise was how this will become a major part of my identity, where Delectable Reveries will become synonymous with Punjab and it’s culture. For someone who once couldn’t answer the question of “where do you belong to?” to now when that question doesn’t exist!

It has been 6 months since the conception of the Delectable Punjab project and by now I’ve hosted 3 dedicated pop-ups and multiple private meals that explore the cuisine in a seasonal manner. Before you ask, what is different about what I do in my attempt to showcase my culture and cuisine? The answer is simple – I bring to you the everyday Punjab – the one that is most relatable for most Punjabis living in Punjab and outside of it. It is my attempt to document our food and our way of life before it is lost and is unavailable to future generations.

And of course the burning question of – why vegetarian? Because I am; just like almost 65% of Punjab is.

After a successful run in the micro-blogging format, I am now bringing it alive in the long form feature format right here. I’d love to answer your questions, tell you stories and bring to you some select recipes, which might just be common in our households and yet might be new for some of you.

Sharing with you some of the heartwarming feedbacks I’ve received for #DelectablePunjab:

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