Punjab Grill, Kala Ghoda : A Photo Story

In the ever-bustling Kala Ghoda in Mumbai, the old and new co-exist in perfect harmony. It is here that Punjab Grill - the gourmet fine dining restaurant - has opened it's latest outlet. It replaces Silk Route, an old oriental eatery, and is adjacent to the iconic Rhythm House. Punjab Grill has championed homestyle Punjabi … Continue reading Punjab Grill, Kala Ghoda : A Photo Story

#FBAISoiree: What’s In An Apple?

“And when you crush an apple with your teeth, say to it in your heart: Your seeds shall live in my body, And the buds of your tomorrow shall blossom in my heart, And your fragrance shall be my breath, And together we shall rejoice through all the seasons.” ― Kahlil Gibran The most famous … Continue reading #FBAISoiree: What’s In An Apple?