Finding Desi Taste In A Foreign Land

What is that first thing an Indian searches for once he or she leaves the country. Adventure? Progress? New opportunities? No way ! The only and the very first thing they look for, in an unknown territory, is the Indian food. This is exactly what happened to us. Having landed in United Kingdom few years … Continue reading Finding Desi Taste In A Foreign Land

The Romance Of Cooking

I recall during my dating years with my husband,I almost judged him for his obsession for food.I never thought I could organise dinners and cook huge meals – from where will I get the time for that? It’s been three years since my marriage and among other things – it has been a culinary rollercoaster, … Continue reading The Romance Of Cooking

Virgin Mojitos For A Cool Diwali

  Diwali is round the corner and it is one of my favourite festivals of all times. For me Diwali is just more festive than the other Indian festivals. All the diyas and rangolis and new clothes are full of vibrance and are peppy. Of course, not to forget the mouth-watering foods those are an … Continue reading Virgin Mojitos For A Cool Diwali

Vegetable Biryani

What do you do when you are home alone on a weekend with no plans? You scavenge through the kitchen and gather all the ingredients you can and make a biryani out of it! So, that is exactly what I did today and here's my recipe for the same. Ingredients: 2 cups biryani rice 1/2 … Continue reading Vegetable Biryani

The Curious Case of ‘Avial’

Years ago, as a child growing up in Kerala, I remember trying to paint something and then as I kept experimenting, the painting made no sense any longer. My mother commented, ‘Avial akkinai.’, which meant I made it into an Avial. Avial stands for a mixture. And a mixture it is..its a mixture of a … Continue reading The Curious Case of ‘Avial’

Biryani or Pulao?

Yes yes yes, I am aware of the everlasting debate about Biryani not being considered a vegetarian dish; answering questions of surprised friends (most who just love the veg vs. non-veg debate) about how do I even live in the illusion that rice without meat can be biryani. But here I am, once again, calling … Continue reading Biryani or Pulao?