Finding Desi Taste In A Foreign Land

What is that first thing an Indian searches for once he or she leaves the country. Adventure? Progress? New opportunities? No way ! The only and the very first thing they look for, in an unknown territory, is the Indian food. This is exactly what happened to us. Having landed in United Kingdom few years … Continue reading Finding Desi Taste In A Foreign Land

The Great Andhra Wedding Thali

Say the words ‘ banana leaf’, ‘coconut’, ‘rice’, ‘papad’, ‘aavakaai ‘(dried mango pickle), and the first thing that comes to any Indian’s mind is – a festive South Indian wedding banquet. Just as not all South India weddings are the same, not all South Indian wedding meals are the same. Delicacies served in a meal … Continue reading The Great Andhra Wedding Thali

The Romance Of Cooking

I recall during my dating years with my husband,I almost judged him for his obsession for food.I never thought I could organise dinners and cook huge meals – from where will I get the time for that? It’s been three years since my marriage and among other things – it has been a culinary rollercoaster, … Continue reading The Romance Of Cooking

The Curious Case of ‘Avial’

Years ago, as a child growing up in Kerala, I remember trying to paint something and then as I kept experimenting, the painting made no sense any longer. My mother commented, ‘Avial akkinai.’, which meant I made it into an Avial. Avial stands for a mixture. And a mixture it is..its a mixture of a … Continue reading The Curious Case of ‘Avial’

Food for thought: Happy Dussehra!

Food for thought : What if evil doesn't really exist? What if evil is something dreamed up by man, and there is nothing to struggle against except out own limitations? The constant battle between our will, our desires, and our choices? May we all win over own limitations and inner demons. A happy Bijoya Dashami and … Continue reading Food for thought: Happy Dussehra!