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The Gateway Hotel, Nashik (Taj Hotels): Of The Old And The New

“Here was a hotel to rival the best in the world, built by an Indian – designed by an Indian architect, too – and run by an Indian.” – R.M Lala, Beyond The Last Blue Mountain One thing that happens as you grow up is that the time that you spend with family unconsciously reduces

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Recipe: Baked Falafel Green Wraps

Falafel is usually made with chickpeas and/or fave beans and fried into round balls or patties. They are served with pita bread or any flat breads and hummus or tahini based sauces. I make my own version of falafel – with green lentils instead and adding other nutrient dense ingredients. I don’t know if we

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Flu Season Is Here & Here Are Some Home Remedies For You

Every couple of months, we fall prey to a host of infections in the air and invariably end up on strong antibiotics to battle our way back to health. The next time you’re dealing with a fever, a sore throat, a cold that makes you wish you’d never been born and a cough that makes

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The Kolkata Biryani: A legacy that lives in the veins of every Bengali

Biryani – the one food item that unites us all. Over time, and across various forms, biryani has been loved and embraced by us all. Come to Kolkata, and  the very different city is as crazy on the middle-Eastern delicacy as the middle-East delicacies. Biryani, though, is different here. Don’t get us wrong, biryani is

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The Great Andhra Wedding Thali

Say the words ‘ banana leaf’, ‘coconut’, ‘rice’, ‘papad’, ‘aavakaai ‘(dried mango pickle), and the first thing that comes to any Indian’s mind is – a festive South Indian wedding banquet. Just as not all South India weddings are the same, not all South Indian wedding meals are the same. Delicacies served in a meal

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Some Indian Tastes And Flavors

All this food is Gluten free, Dairy free and Sugar free and is based on the clean detox program. This was originally posted on Neeta’s Healthy Plate (http://www.neetashealthyplate.com/)

Recipe: Pesto And Nut Butters

Recipe for Pesto: This is a simple and delicious pesto with a grainy nutty crunch and the cheesy taste from the nutritional yeast.  2 cups fresh basil 2 cups fresh baby spinach 1 cup almonds Juice of 2 lemons 1/2 cup olive oil 2 cloves garlic 1 tbsp nutritional yeast (optional) sea salt and pepper

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Head To Carnatic Cafe in New Friends Colony For A Delicious Homely Meal

They say, certain cuisines need a definite mood to be enjoyed. For many of us, enjoying the South Indian palate has more often been a select affair, but even after days of planning, it only took us a sudden whim to land up at the quaint Carnatic Cafe. Right at the corner of the New

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