The Curious Case of ‘Avial’

Years ago, as a child growing up in Kerala, I remember trying to paint something and then as I kept experimenting, the painting made no sense any longer. My mother commented, ‘Avial akkinai.’, which meant I made it into an Avial. Avial stands for a mixture. And a mixture it is..its a mixture of a … Continue reading The Curious Case of ‘Avial’

Beyond the standard Gujarati fare

You might remember the dialogue in 3 idiots where Kareena Kapoor Khan’s character tells Aamir Khan’s character that, “Tum Gujarati log kitne cute hote ho. Par tumhara khana itna khatarnak kyu hota hai…Aisa lagta hai jaise koi missiles hai” which gave people a glimpse into the variety of foods that the gujarati cuisine has to offer. … Continue reading Beyond the standard Gujarati fare