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From Solitary Meals To Vacations – A Step Towards Positive Mental Health

So now that I’ve begun enjoying solitary meals, it was time to take the next step – solo vacation. Now this has been something that I’ve been hesitant about since a long time. It’s probably because vacations, in our conventional sense, has always been a group event. Even I’ve always travelled in groups of friends

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Solitude In Solitariness – Stealing That Me-Time

As you grow older you begin to realise the importance of me-time. Stealing those solitary moments from the week to spend time in your own company, to be able to reflect and plan ahead – I’ve learnt how much I’ve needed this, and all it took was one step to get over my hesitation of

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#TeaSeries: India’s Chai & Emotions Around It!

With various tea-centric startups now beginning to emerge in the country, one knows that they’ve tapped on the right nerve of the Indian crowd. Tea is not a mere beverage for the Indians, but an emotion that runs high in each family. Our days start with ‘chai‘ and in most cases they even end on

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