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The Indian Cookie Culture – When Did The Cookie Crumble?

This article was first published in The Indian Express on October 13 2019. You’ve probably not given it much thought, but cookies or biscuits are much closer to your heart than you may have expected. One of my earliest memories of cookies are of “aate waale biscuit“, or wheat cookies. Quintessential to any Punjabi household,

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Spice Trails: A Guide To Thekkady, Kerala

I do not remember the last time I took a break of ten days to get away from the city life, and most importantly, from work. While working with a national daily publication, we used to work six days a week and get a holiday only on Diwali and Holi days…and that cycle continued for

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Novotel Juhu: Navratri Done The Tambrahm Way!

I’ve never been exposed enough to South Indian cuisine to call myself a fan; but who hasn’t had the humble idli dosa and enjoyed its simplicity? But authentic South Indian home cuisine is a whole different world, as I recently discovered at the The Novotel, Juhu, where a Navratri-inspired festival of Vegeratri was being held.

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