Kangan: Oudh Revisited!

I don't know what is it about Indian food that always draws me to it than its global counterparts. Maybe, the familiarity? The vibrancy? The flavours? Maybe all of it. I find it hard to stay away when the aromas of a freshly done tadka on a dal, or that of hot chapatis on the … Continue reading Kangan: Oudh Revisited!

A Royal Awadhi Meal At Novotel Juhu, Mumbai

We Indians are no strangers to the Mughlai cuisine what with those creamy, rich, laden with dry fruits and ghee dishes. And as much as we later repent eating those and putting on more kilos than we can shed, I've never seen anyone every saying anything close to a 'no' to eating these delicacies. Oh … Continue reading A Royal Awadhi Meal At Novotel Juhu, Mumbai