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Punjab Series: The Keeper Of Memories

After a seven hour road trip that commenced at 7 in the morning, and two pitstops later, we reached Adampur (district Jalandhar) at about 2:30PM in the noon. We had eaten tandoori parathas paired with a big glass of chai at Amrik Sukhdev, the dhaba-land of NH1, in Murthal early in the morning, which ensured that

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Assamese Rivaayat: Lahey Lahey Slipping Into Nostalgia With Each Bite

Having spent a part of my childhood in the state, Assam has always been close to my heart. We lived in the small town of Nazira, on the bed of Dikhow river in an ONGC township, which formed 60% of that town’s population. The township was self sufficient with offices, schools, dispensary, club house and

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Indian Railways: All Aboard The Nostalgia Train!

There’s no journey like that of the grand old Indian Railways I’ve always been a bit of a romantic when it comes to travel, especially rail travel. Almost always, I tend to be more upbeat about the journey than the destination itself. Having toured across much of India and even a bit of the rest

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