Recipe: Daal Ke Bhare Parathe

When in school, my kids always waited for winter vacations in their Dadi’s (Grandmother) house in Dehradun, for a simple reason of getting scrumptious breakfast of Daal Ke Parathe with Makkhan (fresh white butter) and mint Chutney every morning. Each day the stuffing was made of different daal to give the twist to the taste. Kitchen hustles … Continue reading Recipe: Daal Ke Bhare Parathe

The Kolkata Biryani: A legacy that lives in the veins of every Bengali

Biryani - the one food item that unites us all. Over time, and across various forms, biryani has been loved and embraced by us all. Come to Kolkata, and  the very different city is as crazy on the middle-Eastern delicacy as the middle-East delicacies. Biryani, though, is different here. Don't get us wrong, biryani is … Continue reading The Kolkata Biryani: A legacy that lives in the veins of every Bengali

Some Indian Tastes And Flavors

All this food is Gluten free, Dairy free and Sugar free and is based on the clean detox program. This was originally posted on Neeta’s Healthy Plate (

The Curious Case of ‘Avial’

Years ago, as a child growing up in Kerala, I remember trying to paint something and then as I kept experimenting, the painting made no sense any longer. My mother commented, ‘Avial akkinai.’, which meant I made it into an Avial. Avial stands for a mixture. And a mixture it is..its a mixture of a … Continue reading The Curious Case of ‘Avial’

Coming home to Prithvi Cafe

A slice of nostalgic warmth and a space where the creative and the artistic are celebrated, Prithvi Cafe is a piece in Mumbai's theatre history. An open air cafe, attached to the legendary Prithvi Theatre inside the Janki Kutir premise in Juhu, the cafe has evolved over the years in terms of its decor and … Continue reading Coming home to Prithvi Cafe