Unkempt : A Tale Of A Restless Mind

- By Vernika Awal We spend a large part of our lives chasing myths. Not fairies, angels or demons – those come later. We chase everyday myths – of shaping ourselves up, of having “our” people, of preconceived answers to the great hows and whys. The truth is, we do not really know a particular … Continue reading Unkempt : A Tale Of A Restless Mind

Review: MasalaBar, Mumbai

WHAT? Set on the wonderful Carter Road, Bandra, MasalaBar is a pleasantly romantic experience from the moment you enter. AMBIENCE: From the candle-strewn path that leads up to the restaurant, to the warm, mellowed interiors and candles on every table, MasalaBar is a pleasant sight to behold for every visitor, and the fact that it … Continue reading Review: MasalaBar, Mumbai

‘Stories in a Song’: The Saga Of Hindustani Music

Play: Stories In A Song Directed by: Sunil Shanbag Duration: 2 Acts - 130 minutes Conceived by: Shubha Mudgal Research by: Shubha Mudgal and Aneesh Pradhan Cast: Shubrojyoti Barat, Ketaki Thatte, Namit Das, Santosh Tiwari and others Language: Hindi/ English I've always been someone who'd watch a play in a theatre over a film. So … Continue reading ‘Stories in a Song’: The Saga Of Hindustani Music