The Romance Of Cooking

I recall during my dating years with my husband,I almost judged him for his obsession for food.I never thought I could organise dinners and cook huge meals – from where will I get the time for that? It’s been three years since my marriage and among other things – it has been a culinary rollercoaster, … Continue reading The Romance Of Cooking

From Odisha to your plates : ‘Enduri Pitha’

Enduri Pitha a.k.a Haldi Patra Pitha- the word brings back a huge wave of childhood memories where the Pitha or steamed sweet dim sum marks the Prathamashtami, a festival of Odisha that is celebrated to pray for the well-being of the first born. Now, being the second the born there was an obvious hatred in me for this … Continue reading From Odisha to your plates : ‘Enduri Pitha’