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Of The Virtual Monster Called Social Media

In today’s time social media is inescapable. If you tell someone that you are not a user of this medium there are high chances that you’ll be looked at as someone who is odd. It is not just a matter of choice anymore to have a presence on these platforms as now they’re the first

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To Words – My Savior, My Grace.

I do not distinctly remember when I started writing first and when words started flowing on a paper and came together to make a coherent structure. Whatever I couldn’t say verbally, would always be written down in a diary, and now sometimes on my iPhone’s notepad.  But I do remember understanding the power of words

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Unkempt : A Tale Of A Restless Mind

– By Vernika Awal We spend a large part of our lives chasing myths. Not fairies, angels or demons – those come later. We chase everyday myths – of shaping ourselves up, of having “our” people, of preconceived answers to the great hows and whys. The truth is, we do not really know a particular

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