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Narendra Bhawan: The Saga Of Contemporary Royalty

Unabashedly, unapologetically luxurious and grand, Narendra Bhawan brings back the grandeur of pre-Independence royal families and imagines how the prince would have lived. Many years ago, a friend of mine had stated how the scale of luxury and grandeur is often directly proportional to how elaborate and intricate the flooring of a place is. It

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The Love Room, Kolkata: What A Pawsome Experience!

The first ever pet-friendly and pet café and restaurant in Kolkata, The Love Room is a must-visit for pet lovers in the city. You’ll be greeted by a family of nine adorable, furry canines, and if you’re more of a cat person, even four kittens. The owners, Ankush and Shruti, have put in a lot of

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Puppies + Cooking = Cuteness Overload

We, as a collective, are perennially in love with pups. The blundering little beauties are always up to fascinating things that have the magical power of lifting your moods, no matter how hard a day you’ve had, or how annoyed you are at your partner for not giving you enough time. Chef puppies, however, are beyond

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