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#ChutneyDay: Of Saving That Zing!

I have always been the person who prefers pickles over chutneys, but at the same time one cannot deny the place that a chutney occupies in the thaali of every Indian. Growing up I have always preferred the mint-coriander (dhaniya-pudhina) chutney, and I think owe to that to my lack of knowledge of chutneys, in

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#ChaiPakodaDay: Discovering Mumbai One Pakoda At A Time

Always upbeat about celebrating the international food observance days, it was high time someone took charge and lead the way to celebrate the diversity of Indian cuisine, and who better than Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, a food expert who has committed herself to revive the Indian regional cuisine and give it the place it deserves in

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Discovering India One Plate At A Time: A Kutchi Bhatia Meal

I’ve spent my growing years in multiple states of India and it is something I take pride in, as I grew up to be more sensitive towards other communities and their culture. Ask anyone in the family and they’d tell you how conversations were always a driving force for me and the keenness to adapt

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