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Of Dhinchak Dosas and Dashing Dabelis!

I’ve been a resident of Juhu ever since we shifted to Mumbai in the year 2004, and yet it is an area I have explored the least. Maybe because we tend to take things for granted and keep delaying our plans. In fact the only few times I have been to Juhu Beach is when

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Café Delhi Heights: Of Great Food And Nostalgia

I first visited Café Delhi Heights in Noida, back in 2016. More than a year later, when I heard that it is now here in Lower Parel in Mumbai, I instantly made a Friday night dinner plan. Friday nights are always a bit special (yay weekend!), but little did I know that this one would

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Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad: Dine With The Dead!

Often, we walk out of the restaurant because the ambiance and atmosphere is so dead. But what would you do if you were actually dining with the dead? It would be an absolutely bone chilling and a breath taking experience. I walked in to a restaurant in Ahmadabad near Lal Darwaza—Lucky Café, located opposite the

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