‘Kadaloram’ at ITC Maratha, Mumbai

A few nights back, Chef Praveen Anand of ITC Hotels took a few of us on a culinary tour of Jaffna, Kayalpatnam and Pondicherry at the Kadaloram festival being held in ITC Hotel, The Maratha, Mumbai. Kadaloram means “of the coast” and the festival focuses on these three regions of the Tamil Nadu coast and of Jaffna from northern Sri … Continue reading ‘Kadaloram’ at ITC Maratha, Mumbai

Novotel Juhu: Navratri Done The Tambrahm Way!

I’ve never been exposed enough to South Indian cuisine to call myself a fan; but who hasn’t had the humble idli dosa and enjoyed its simplicity? But authentic South Indian home cuisine is a whole different world, as I recently discovered at the The Novotel, Juhu, where a Navratri-inspired festival of Vegeratri was being held. … Continue reading Novotel Juhu: Navratri Done The Tambrahm Way!