Recipe: Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda

Kadhi, gets its name from the simple process of “slow cooking” or “kadhna” (काढ़ना). Made with a mixture of chickpea flower (besan) and whisked yogurt, the consistency to which it is made differs from region to region. While the Rajasthani and the Gujaratis prefer it to be thinner, we in Punjab like the kadhi thick … Continue reading Recipe: Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda

What Is Delectable Punjab?

What started as an unconscious self discovery and going back to my roots, is today a full blown project by the name of Delectable Punjab. A short Instagram series under which I showcase the vegetarian cuisine of the state, along with stories and fables that we've grown up listening to. Sounds pretty straight forward, doesn't … Continue reading What Is Delectable Punjab?

Makke Di Roti – The Understated Bread of Punjab

A dish common to most households in the winter season. Understated and not as talked about as its accompaniment - saag, Makki di roti is a bread that is full of flavours and textures and can be a meal in itself.

Epaar Bangla, Opaar Bangla: The story Of The Grand Old Bengali Cuisine

Just in time for Pujo, Mustard, a new Bengali-French restaurant in Mumbai, is playing matchmaker by bringing contemporary cuisine from Bangladesh to our city, with the renowned Dhaka-based culinary expert Nayana Afroz and food historian Pritha Sen locking ladles.

Recipe: Shakarkand And Kala Chana Kebab

I like cooking but I am not someone who goes an extra mile to make a fancy meal. My idea of cooking involves ingredients easily available at home, which do not require me to rush to the local vegetable vendor or grocer, and dishes that can be prepared within an hour at max. Today I … Continue reading Recipe: Shakarkand And Kala Chana Kebab

Recipe: Al Yakhni aka Bottle Gourd In Spiced Curd

Bottle gourd or lauki/doodhi is a vegetable I just cannot fathom eating. It is like the sworn mortal enemy I have when it comes to vegetables. So, imagine my luck when a few days back the only vegetable that I could find in the refrigerator was that. It was time to get creative and messages … Continue reading Recipe: Al Yakhni aka Bottle Gourd In Spiced Curd

Of Friends Who Opened The Gates To Gujarati Cuisine

I went to a school in suburbs where every second person was Gujarati and it was very normal that when I'd visit a friend's place that their grandparents would assume I am a Gujarati too and would automatically start speaking to me in the language, only to be subtly told by their grandchildren that I … Continue reading Of Friends Who Opened The Gates To Gujarati Cuisine

Recipe: Methi Matar Malai Paneer

I posted the picture of Methi Matar Malai Paneer yesterday on my Instagram handle and received a lot of recipe requests from people. It got me thinking that while we love posting and making recipes which require some pro-level skills, and which look "complicated"...what we forget is that most people are looking for basic recipes … Continue reading Recipe: Methi Matar Malai Paneer